Phurpa: Copper Detail #6

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Phurpa: Copper Detail #6



Large Phurba with amazing detail made out of Copper. Hand made by Tibetan refugees in northern India. 

A Phurba, sometimes called a "magic dagger", is a tantric ritual object used to conquer evil spirits and to destroy obstacles. The Phurba is an implement that nails down as well as binds. It was thus by stabbing a Phurba into the earth, and thereby nailing and binding the evil spirits, that Padmasambhava, regarded as the inventor of this implement, consecrated the ground on which the Samye monastery was established in the eighth century. The triple blade of the Phurwa symbolizes the overcoming or cutting through of the three root poisons of ignorance, desire, and hatred, and also represents control over the three times of past, present and future. The triangular shape represents the element of fire and symbolizes wrathful activity.

Size of Phurba: 8.5" tall

Made out of pure copper by Tibetan Refugees in Dehradun, India.

Note: Phurba  does not come with base.