Large Ritual Drum #33

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Large Ritual Drum #33



Beautiful two sided drum use for individual ritual practice or ceremonial practice in temple.  Hand Painted drum skin with Triple colored Wheel of Joy. Hand made in Nepal with nice detail.This large Ritual Drum is known as a Choe-Pai-Nga and is used for both personal and ceremonial rituals as well as monastic rites of peaceful and wrathful practices. This two sided drum is held by a a long handle and is activated using a bowed striker. Hand Painted, the drum skin features Triple colored Wheel of Joy in center. Hand made in Nepal with nice detail. Comes with a Protective cover carrying case, curved padded stricker-drumstick and a wooden handle which is detachable for easy travels.

Small irregularities are a normal part of handmade drums. All size are approximate!

We have few choices in size. The sizes that are mentioned in the choice are just the size of drumhead (green color area)not the complete width of the drum. Please keep in mind that the total width is about 1.5" larger so add it to the option size.

Detachable handle is 17.5" tall