Sword of Manjushri

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Sword of Manjushri



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Manjushri's Flaming Sword is  also known as Jamphelyang's Reldy in Tibetan. Manjushri's Sword symbolize cutting of ignorance and duality. It is an essential attribute of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom.

Sword of Manjushri represents the realization of transcendent wisdom which cuts through ignorance. Manjushri, whose name means "Soft & Glorious Melody" symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. 

The sword is the weapon of knowledge that lift the veils of ignorance. 

Sword is decorated with Vajra as a handle with Chipu and flames at the end. Made out of Iron and Brass in Nepal.


Small 11.6"  Long.

Large:  15.50"Long.