Trishul Top for Prayer Flag

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Trishul Top for Prayer Flag

Potala Gate


Traditionally you will find Tibetan Pole Style flag with Metal Trishul with a symbol of Sun and Moon disc on the top of flag with five color Umbrella. Over the years we have lot of suggestion from our beloved customers to carry this particular item since it is not available online.

We are very excited to introduce it for the fast time in 25yrs of our business. Made by a experience artist in Nepal. 

Picture here with the flag is a sample from our Garden. 

The package comes with the following items:

1. Trishul/Trident with Sun and Moon ( 13.5" tall by 7.5" wide )

2. Disk with a hole ( 7" diameter )

3. Metal Pipe with Screw on ( 8.75" long )

4. Five Color Umbrella ( 16.5" tall with 12" wide )