White Tara Prayer Flag #32

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White Tara Prayer Flag #32 SALE


$10.00 $12.00

White Tara Prayer flags comes in set of 10. Mantra of White Tara:  OṂ TĀ RE TU TTĀ RE TU RE MA MA Ā YUḤ PU ṆYA JÑĀ NA PU ṢṬIṂ KU RU SVĀ HĀ“

The main characteristic of Arya Tara— Noble Tara— is that she is a Buddha who in earlier times promised to always be born in the pure form of a female body in order to help living beings reach enlightenment. There are many outer and inner impediments that practitioners encounter, so Arya Tara manifests in order to eliminate hindrances and obstacles one runs in to while on the path to liberation from suffering.”

Tibetan Prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, harmony and good luck.  Traditionally Tibetans hang prayer flags high up in the mountains where the wind blows freely. Tibetans beleive that when the wind blows the prayers are carried out in the valley and spread good will and compassion into all pervading space. Prayer flags should be treated with respect and should not be thrown away as it should be burn as it gets old and should be replaced with new one.

Size of flag: 8 X 10"

Length of flag: 85" long