White Tara Statue

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White Tara Statue

Potala Gate


White Tara Statue, made out of copper with fire gold in Nepal: A female Buddha who dispels hindrances to one's longevity. Fine copper cast with gold-leaf face, nice detail.

According to Garchen Rinpoche's teaching on White Tara. "She is the protective, helpful and comforting mother who shows limitless kindness, generosity and protection towards those who are tossed in the ocean of suffering, and if we recite her mantra and make a connection to her, we draw closer to developing her enlightened qualities in ourselves. White Tara has seven eyes. She has three eyes on her face, the third eye in her forehead symbolizing her ability to see the unity of ultimate reality, while her two other eyes simultaneously see the relative and dualistic worlds. She has one eye on each palm of her hands and feet, showing that all her actions are governed by her ultimate wisdom and compassion. It is said that White Tara's seven eyes enable her to clearly "see" all beings in all the realms of existence. Her expression is one of the utmost compassion".

Mantra of White Tara: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha!

Height: 8.5"

Width: 7'

Deep: 3.50"

Great Price and Only one available!