White Umbrella Thangka

Potala Gate


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Duk-Kar which translate into White Umbrella, also known as Ushnisha Sitatapatra in Sanskrit. Sitatapatra, goddess of the White Parasol, invincible mother with a thousand head and hands.

Surrounded by flames and radiating indomitable energy, the great protectress Ushnisha Sitatapatra (Tib. Gdugs-dkar), stands on a blue lotus. She has a thousand heads and a thousand arms with an eye in the palm of each hand. 

In her main right hand she carries a flaming eight-spoked Dharma wheel and in her left a white umbrella, an auspicious emblem that protects living beings from the heat of desire. Below her feet are representations of greet, jealousy and other forces that bind one to suffering, all suppressed by Ushnisha Sitatapatra's boundless energy and compassion.

Size of Thangka with Silk Brocade: 23.5" wide in middle and 25" on top X 43" tall

Size of the Canvas: 15" X 20