Yellow Zambala Statue

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Yellow Zambala Statue



The Yellow Zambala is considered the most popular and powerful of the Wealth Deity. He is the emanation of Buddha Ratnasambhava and can remove poverty within the six realms, increasing virtues, life span and wisdom.

Yellow Zambala has yellow colored body, he sits in the vajra position with his right leg is panhandle,  and his left leg is kinked. He has one face and two arms. His left hand holding a Mongoose named Nehulay which spews forth precious jewels from its mouth, while his right hand holding gems shaped fruit and leaf of lotus. Tibetan Buddhists consider Zambala/Jambhala's sentiment regarding wealth to be providing freedom by way of bestowing prosperity, so that one may focus on the path of spirituality rather than on the materiality & temporality of that wealth. Buddhist Zambala/Jambhala is the wealth-giving form of Avalokitesvara/Chenrezig, bodhisattva of compassion. Zambala's blessings help others by eliminating poverty, so they may practice Dharma.

Hand carved in Nepal.

Size: 10.5" tall X 7" wide