Medicine Buddha: Protection Hanging #27

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Medicine Buddha: Protection Hanging #27



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Beautiful image of Medicine Buddha on one side and the mantra on the other side. Mantra of Medicine Buddha:  "TAYATA OM BHEKANDZE BHEKANDZE MAHA BHEKANDZE RANDZA SAMUNGATE SOHA"

Meaning of the Mantra:

Tayata = Gone beyond (beyond Samsara and Nirvana)                                                          Om = jewel holder, wish fulfilling one, auspicious one!
Bhekandze Bhekandze = calling Medicine Buddha twice.                                                  Maha Bhekandze = Greatness of Medicine Buddha.                                                        Randza Samungate =Perfectly liberated or awakened.                                                        Soha = Dissolve in me.

Hand knotted Dorje on the bottom and bead on top with cord for hanging in car or wall. Made by a Bhutanese dharma practitioner.

Size: 3.10" diameter round card.