white Umbrella: Protection Hanging #28

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white Umbrella: Protection Hanging #28



Beautiful image of White Umbrella on one side and the mantra on the other side " Om Sarva Ta-Tha-Gata Ushi Nisha Hung Phat! Hung Mama Huni Soha! 

The Sanskrit name for the White Umbrella Deity is Ushnisha Sitatapatra [Tib: dü kar] which can also be translated as "The Victorious White Parasol." Her parasol indicates her ability to protect sentient beings from natural catastrophes, diseases, and so forth. She is white in color, because the principal means by which she accomplishes this function is the enlightenment energy of pacification.

Hand knotted Dorje on the bottom and bead on top with cord for hanging in car or wall. Made by a Bhutanese dharma practitioner.

Size: 3.10" diameter round card.