New Moonstone Mala #2

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New Moonstone Mala #2


SKU: 20/6LH

Elevate your meditation practice with our handcrafted New Moonstone Mala #55. This stunning mala features genuine moonstone prayer beads, known for their calming and balancing properties. With each bead representing a mantra, you can enhance your mindfulness and spiritual connection. Experience the soothing benefits of moonstone with every use.

Moonstone Adjustable Prayer bead. Moonstone is a beautiful stone that has specs in it and it comes in light blue. Moonstone is know as intuition, balance and thought to be a emotional healer. Our prayer beads are strung using strong nylon cord which are long lasting and adjustable.

Moonstone Mala bead contains 108 bead plus 3 spacer bead and the Guru bead.

At the end of Guru bead there is plaited knot for adjusting the comfort of one's hand.

Size of the Bead: 8mm

Length: 16.5"