BUMPA - Items tagged as "Silver bumpa"

The Bumpa (or pumpa), is a ritual vase used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals and empowerments. It is understood to be a sacred vessel used in rituals to facilitate purification and blessings. The Bhumpa  represents the celestial palace of the Buddha and the vast expanse of the Universe.

There are two kinds of functions of the bumpa: The tso bum (bumpa) serves as the main vase and sits in the center of the mandala, represented by the presence of a shrine. The le bum (bumpa) is the activity vase and is placed on the Lama's table. It is used by the Chöpön or shrine-keeper during Buddhist rituals and  empowerments. 

Our Bumpa Vase selection features traditional decorative aspects and includes a spout and lid with an insert for holding a peacock feathered fan on top and a dipper below. We also carry a few different feather fan styles and substance for the Bumpa.