Peaceful White Torma - Sheva Shalze Sm #35

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Peaceful White Torma - Sheva Shalze Sm  #35



Peaceful White Torma or Sheva Shalze : The Peaceful Torma represents the limitless desirable offerings in existence and especially outer peaceful offerings of drinking water, washing water, flowers, incense, light, perfumed water, food, and music. Peaceful offerings are pleasing to the senses and thus enhance positive qualities. Generally placed on the shrine or in front of the mandala. 

Two Size: 5"tall by 2' wide.

         6.5" Tall by 3" Wide.

Placement of offerings from left to right:

  • Water for drinking
  • Water for bathing/washing
  • Flowers - Use Flower Torma
  • Incense - Use Incense Torma
  • Perfumed Water
  • Food - Use Food Torma