Tormas & Plates

According to Rigpa Wiki:

"The meaning of Torma.Guru Padmasambhava said: Tor: Means to give without attachment. Ma: Means completely present. So "tor" refers to giving without any attachment or grasping in the mind and "Ma" to when what is given is completely present to the perception of the guest. The essence of the torma is the dharmadhatu, which is the utterly pure nature of the world, and the wisdom of rigpa, the completely pure nature of the sentient beings inhabiting the world—it is the indivisible union of emptiness (the object) and wisdom (the subject)".

There are four ways for Tormas to be used. The Torma can be visualized as the principal deity during practice, during the time of offering the torma is limitless desirable offerings, during receiving blessings as the wisdom nectar, and in order to reverse negative forces as a magical weapon with great compassion.

Presenting a large selection of Tormas, plates and substances in Potala Gate.