Torma Wrathful Flower Offering -Wangpo Metok # 22

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Torma Wrathful Flower Offering  -Wangpo Metok # 22

Potala Gate


Wrathful Flower Offering Torma, Wangpo Metok.

Wrathful offerings are related to the tantric tradition and emphasize the accumulation of wisdom. Through offering wrathful substances, our conceptual limitations of accepting and rejecting what is positive and negative is liberated. The sense pleasures are offered on the shrine to invoke the blessings of the Buddhas. The spiritual merit of making offerings is dedicated to all beings with the wish for enlightenment. Beautiful detail, colorful resin. Small size: 4" tall. Large size: 6.25" tall.

placement of offerings from left to right:

  • Water for drinking
  • Water for bathing/washing
  • Flowers - Use Flower Torma
  • Incense - Use Incense Torma
  • Perfumed Water
  • Food - Use Food Torma