Blessed Rudraksha Mala

Potala Gate


A very special Blessed Rudraksha Mala made by a Buddhist Lama on the 29th of the lunar month at our request. Made according to the tradition and infuse with a great deal of mantra and practice. There are nine Vajra knots along the bead and a Scorpion knot at the end of Guru bead known as Dik-due knot in Tibetan. 

Rudraksha is specifically use in wrathful deities like Mahakala, Vajrakilaya, Vajrapani, Yamantaka, Troma Nagmo and others. We have limited amount of the Mala and have been blessed at many temple's and the popular statues of Mahakala in Nepal. It is a powerful Mala to practice and to wear for protection. 

One of kind, Limited amount! Won't find it anywhere.

Size: 7mm bead

Length: 15"