Duk-Ngyal Rangdrol Torma #37

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Duk-Ngyal Rangdrol Torma #37



New edition of Hand made Torma:

Duk-Ngyal Rangdrol tranlated as The Natural Liberation of Suffering a sadhana of Avalokiteshvara from the Longchen Nyingthik. It is classified as a peaceful Yida practice, or as the secret Guru practice from the peaceful male Vidyadara section of the cycle.

As per the Rigpa Wiki:

As it says in the colophon of the text, Jikmé Lingpa revealed the mind terma of Dukngal Rangdrol in the Earth Tiger year, although he kept it concealed for a further seven years:

Thus, the teaching on the most profound crucial points of the sadhana, ‘The Supreme Noble Natural Liberation of Suffering’ by the Jetsun Mahaguru was bestowed on the monarch, the dharma king, father and son, on the second storey [of Samyé], in the ‘Glowing Turquoise Covered Shrine Room’. It was placed in a casket of heart treasures and entrusted to them with powerful aspirations.
The time for revelation came in the Earth Tiger year, when I had a vision of the Great Compassionate One, and the dakini of the space of wisdom, in the vast expanse of the magical net of illusion, the luminous space, entrusted me with the scrolls of the symbolic script. I wrote it down without concealing anything of the signs and meaning.

Size: 12" tall and 4" wide bottom.