Lama Rigzin Dupa #5

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Lama Rigzin Dupa #5



(New Beautiful more detail Picture comming soon )  handmade Torma of Lama Rigdzin Dupa with amazing detail.  For the profound practice of LAMA-RIGZIN-DUPA, in accordance with the Nyingthik lineage of Longchen Rabjam and Jigme Lingpa. Place on shrine to invoke the blessings of the deity in one's practice.

One of kind Torma which are very hard to find. Hand carved by a Bhutanes dharma practitioner in Nepal. 

Size:  15" X 4.50".

The Three Roots are Lama, Yidam and Khandro. They are the inner refuge of the Secret Mantrayana and are like the root or the basis for all the positive accumulations until you attain enlightenment.
According to the Vajrayana:
The lama is seen as the Buddha,
The yidam as the Dharma, and
The khandro as the Sangha.
As it says in the Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro Refuge:
"Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are in reality lama, yidam and khandro."

We carry all three Tormas of Lama, Yidam and Khandro with great detail and few choice.