Meteorite Green Tara Pendant

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Meteorite Green Tara Pendant



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Green Tara Pendant with Double Vajra on the back. Meteorite are call Thok Chak in Tibetan. This beautiful amulet of Green Tara are made out of Meteorite iron which are very rare to find."Meteoric iron or 'sky-iron' (Tibetan: Nam Chak) is the supreme substance for forging the physical representation of the Vajra or other iron weapons, since it has already been tempered by the celestial gods in its passage across the heavens. The indivisibility of form and emptiness is a perfect metaphor for the image of a meteorite or 'stone fallen from the sky', manifesting out of the voidness of space as a shooting star or fireball, and depositing a chunk of fused 'sky iron' on the earth below.

Tibetans believe that Meteorite iron has a healing properties. They are traditionally held to be endowed with magic and protective power. 

Double Vajra on the back.

Size: 1.25" X .75" wide.

Weigh: 0.3 oz