Beautiful Jade Mala #21

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Beautiful Jade Mala #21

Potala Gate

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Beautiful 108 bead Jade Mala with Carnelian spacer bead. Jade is a rare precious stone that is a symbol of serenity and purity. In the asian culture Jade is known as the stone of wealth and good fortune.


Jade is known as a noble stone that can cure all disease. Meaning behind Jade is Love and balance. Jade stone have been used in feng shui for many years to create feelings of harmony.

This Jade Mala/Prayer bead is made by a Tibetan family with attention to detail and infused with mantra and prayer. It comes with a large silver color Guru bead with mantra, a beautiful Infinite Knot and bead tassel.

Jade Mala is great to use for Tara Mantra, Medicine Buddha and Zambala.

Size of the bead: 8.5mm

Guru bead: 15.5 mm

Chakra: Heart